Industries we serve

The team at Origin Hubs works with companies around the world, meeting their demanding specifications and business challenges related to application development and cloud computing. 

We have deep experience in highly regulated, data-sensitive industries like fintech, healthcare, life sciences, and information technology. 

With a spectrum of cloud solutions at our disposal, we will accelerate your digital transformation with solutions that deliver flexibility, security, and intelligence at every turn. 


Our robust team of fintech administrators can assist you with any application innovation, as you need to expand, refine, and digitize product development and meet the evolving needs of this fast-moving industry.

We work with your team to plan, speed up portability, execute high-level analytics, and move your company’s offerings to first-in-class position.

Develop high-performance applications with the powerful resources of Origin Hubs at your disposal.


We empower our healthcare clients with extraordinary access to information while enhancing their ability to collaborate in patient care.

Our work influences a variety of technology needs, including development, launch, and maintenance of minimum viable product (MVP) applications and electronic health records integration.

We work with hte most advanced technologies, including cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and the internet of things (IoT) to position your healthtech as first-in-class.

Life Science

Our clients in life sciences know Origin Hubs as a mission-critical partner for solving a variety of technology challenges.

With our elite cloud computing capabilities, we empower business innovation for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and diagnostics companies through improvements in automation, scalability, resilience, and the massive data analytics requirements for their scientific research and development. 

IT Companies

At Origin Hubs, we enjoy empowering the business capabilities of fellow information technology companies as they work across a variety of industries.

Through the power of the cloud, we offer our IT customers advanced system resources, data storage, computing power, and a host of data centers all capable of helping them sustain and scale operations to meet demand for services.

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